Denise - (Barcelona)
I had such a wonderful experience when I came to Barcelona! The family I was placed with, Marta and Ricarrdo, were wonderful and will continue to be my friends forever. Also, Gabriella, from Brazil, who also stayed at the house with me was wonderful. We laughed and had a wonderful time together.

I went on a leap of faith with Estudio Hispanico since I did not know anyone who had done what I was about to do. Your communication and directions of how to get to Martha's home, to the school and to salsa lessons were perfect. I found it very easy to get around Barcelona.

I knew only a few words in Spanish before coming to Barcelona and I wish I would have at least learned the Spanish alphabet before coming. The instructions were so kind and helpful! I met a lot of wonderful people and everyday was an adventure. I did learn a lot and I am continuing to learn at home. I am so grateful for this wonderful experience and I would encourage anyone to come and learn Spanish at your school and visit Barcelona!!!

I loved my Salsa lessons too!
Eugenia - (Barcelona)
I am writing to express my gratitude and thanks to your team for providing me with the information on Spanish courses and help in choosing and booking the course. Many thanks for being very friendly and attentive with me, giving me detailed and prompt answers and sending me the invitation from the school.

The school is really amazing: great teachers, students from all over the world and the city itself is magnificent. I am telling all my friends to come and study here!
Summar - (Barcelona)
The entire experience was much better than we ever could have experienced; the staff are friendly, warm and inviting and they are truly willing to help. The accommodation was also really lovely and conveniently located really close to both the school and the centre.

Thank you, for being so helpful and efficient in the organisation process! You can definitely count on us returning very soon (we're currently saving up to try and return in September!)…"
Manuella and Lucie-Aline - (Barcelona)

We spent a week with you in your nice country and we are delighted. For a first immersion in learning Spanish, we were really pleased.


Of course we hope to return very soon to continue our efforts….


Tobias - (Bilbao)

My two weeks Spanish course was damned fine, I liked it a lot.

From the organization, to the activities and to the lessons and the teachers, everything was great. I would love to do it again!

Armando - (Buenos Aires)
I’m Armando and for some time now I have had a passion for Tango, and I finally found the resources to go dancing in Buenos Aires!

Without really knowing where to start, I found Estudio Hispanico who with patience and kindness helped me to find the right programme, and for a reasonable price! They helped me to organise my journey and reserved my accommodation, spanish course and Dancing. In short, everything was very well organised.

The flat was not luxurious, but comfortable and clean and in the city centre, and it gave me the chance to meet lots of other students to share experiences with, and cook with – speaking in spanish of course!

The school was really well organised as was my teacher, and there was a good balance between learning Spanish and being on holiday, soaking up the atmosphere and the sights.

The Tango school was great! I really liked the teacher and made many friends. I was the only guy, but I managed to dance with all the girls!!

I would definitely go back in time to have the experience again!
Rick - (Havana)

I had a wonderful time in 'la Habana'. The people in the house where I stayed were very friendly and helpful. I met some very nice fellow students as well.

The spanish instructor was knowledgable about teaching and she was very helpful to me. I wish I could have stayed longer though.

I'm still studying Spanish and I plan on doing this again in Trinidad de Cuba sometime in April. So I will be contacting you again in the new year!

Salvatore - (Ibiza)
Honestly, my study-holiday in Ibiza was perfect from every point of view: the accommodation, the friendliness and professionalism of the staff at the school and how welcoming they were. I had a great time and if I can I will repeat the experience!
Jerzy - (Madrid)
My study holiday in Madrid was very helpful, informative, enjoyable and fruitful. Thanks to the subway, the school was easily accessible; the teachers (I had Raquel and Fausto) were always available and helpful. The teaching method focuses more on communication but grammar was certainly not left on the side, and was always explained very well!
Francesca - (Malaga)
I got on really well in the school and my teachers (Inma and Juan Luis) were fantastic! I also really liked the family; they were very kind and hospitable. I really liked Malaga and Andalusia; it was very interesting to get to know new towns, countryside, people... I want to thank you very much for all your help!
Federico - (Malaga)
I am very pleased with my experience in Malaga! I met many students at the school and I had a good relationship with the teachers, everyone was very interesting. I hope to repeat this experience in future! I liked the way the lessons were held, I liked the topics covered in class and also the timetable.

I am a student of languages at University in Italy, my intention was to improve my Spanish to help my studies, and indeed the course in Malaga was very useful. My dream is to take part in a Spanish course in South or Central America, and also take part in the volunteer placement, I think would be a beautiful experience!
Ksenia - (Marbella)
A Spanish course at your language school has been extremely productive. The offered learning system with native speakers is efficient and does not cause any difficulties, even if you do not have any previous knowledge of Spanish.

All classes are organized in such a way that you are completely immersed in the language, which speeds up the learning process. I have managed to reach the levels A1 and A2 during my 2 month course. Now I can communicate in Spanish and understand the topic of conversation without any difficulties.

I am planning to continue studying Spanish next summer.
Gianfranco - (Marbella)
High level of Spanish course, very good teachers and very professional. I attended B1 and B2 Spanish levels and I have learned a lot! The golf course was a very productive experience, the teacher was very good and profesional and we used to talk in Spanish.
Gro - (Mendoza)
When my husband Tom and I visit places in Spain and Latin America, we try to obtain three objectives: learn more Spanish, get to know people in the country we visit and learn more about the country.

Your school in Mendoza managed to fulfill all three objectives. We had very good teachers, and the school had after school activities almost every day so we could learn more about the country, its people, history and culture. In addition to that; Mendoza is a very nice and beautiful city. We recommend the school and Mendoza to anyone.
Anneke - (Nerja)
I learned a lot more than last year, so I am really satisfied. Now I will definitely try to keep up my Spanish in Holland!

There wasn’t that many students in the school outside of the high season, so the advantage was that I got lots of attention from the teachers. What I like about the course is to get in touch with people from other countries all over the world.

The teachers are passionate in their way of teaching and the quality of their teaching is good. Because of them I learned a lot in the time I was there! Furthermore, the ´chicas´ from my group totally abided by the certain ‘rules’ there are, like speaking Spanish all the time, also during the breaks.

One thing is sure: I reached my expectations, regarding my Spanish and my stay in Nerja!
Henrik - (Palma)

The bus connections to the school are very conveinent, and in the school the staff were very friendly, particularly the teachers, who were lovely. We were in groups of 5-7 students in one level.

We did lots of different things (writing, reading, listening, speaking…) so I was really able to improve my Spanish. After classes there were also interesting activities organised by the school. I was in a luxurious apartment with a single Spanish lady. The food was really tasty and varied, and we were able to take part in activities together. I made a lot of new friends.

All in all, there is only one way to describe my stay in Palma: 'Fantastico!!'"

Anette - (Palma)
I am from Germany and I am very interested in learning the Spanish language. Four years ago, my daughter and I made our first booking with Estudio Hispánico. We learned the Spanish language and met so many nice people that our stay was a great pleasure. What we especially liked was that we could choose between joining the others or ratherly spending the time on our own. That is why I registered again in the last two years. Last year, my daughter joined me. If you are planning to combine language lessons and fun during your vacation, I can warmly recommend Estudio Hispánico.
Yaroslava - (Palma)
I was thrilled with my Spanish course in Palma. I can’t say one bad word about it! The 4 weeks flew by like 1 day.

Lola is not only a gifted teacher but also a talented actress. It was easy to overcome any difficulties of translation thanks to her charm and creative nature. Using games and visual aids really help learning.

I came almost with zero knowledge, and after 4 weeks I could easily speak with people in the street, shops and transportation. I also managed to send a large parcel to Russia, buy a ticket to the ferry and continue my journey around Spain.

It was also lots of fun living in a shared apartment. In one of the weeks I lived with students from France, Germany and England.
Evelyn - (Palma)
The five mornings in your school have enriched my experience. I felt very comfortable with the level of the course that you chose for me. In total, we were 9 students from 7 different nations and of all ages. Although we were speaking English during the breaks, I think that would have been different the longer we would have participated at the course.

Our teacher taught in a concentrated and very well prepared way and she instructed us to solve some tasks in dialog with our neighbour. It was a pleasant atmosphere where nobody was afraid of making mistakes. Therefore, the lessons were very dynamic because everybody took part in the conversations. My conversation skills were especially important for me since I have never spoken Spanish before during my stays in Spain.

In the two afternoons, when we were accompanied by a different teacher to a cafe or another time to the Museum of modern art, I noticed that my understanding was increasingly getting better. The teacher was a particularly gracious person who patiently answered to all our questions. I appreciate these afternoon offers of your school, since I was alone in Palma and got no more opportunities to speak.
Alexandra - (Palma)
I had already visited Mallorca two times, before I went there to study Spanish, and I would say that to study Spanish in Palma is much more interesting than just to visit it as a tourist.

I've always liked Spanish and I even took some classes with native speakers in St. Petersburg for 7 months, but it wasn´t enough. That´s why I decided to go to Palma to do a Spanish course for two months, and I don´t regret that I took this decision.

During the course I managed to revise all I had learnt in Russia plus so much more. I reached an Intermediate level of Spanish by the end of my course. The studying at the school was really fun – although the first three weeks, most of the time we concentrated on leaning grammar, after that we mostly practiced the conversation skills of course with some grammar exercises in between. All the teachers are very friendly and easy going.

The school also offers a cultural programme. Every two weeks the school arranges something like a lunch at a nearby cafe so everyone can get acquainted with new students. These meetings were very popular among the students because you can get to know so many interesting people!

The school was closed for some days because of the holidays. I celebrated Halloween for the first time in my life!! It was so much fun! The school was also nicely decorated!

I stayed in one of the shared apartments offered by the school. It was absolutely great – located very close to the center and to the school! It was very easy to meet new people with who you can have a nice chat. I have also managed to practice not only my Spanish but my English as well!

In addition, the apartment was cleaned once per week, the towels were provided and the bed sheets were changed once per week.

In general I had a very positive and amazing experience studying in Palma. I fell in love with Spanish language and Palma itself even more and I would like to come back here soon! That’s why I have already booked my second course at this school!
Nans - (Ronda)
I studied Spanish in Ronda in the autumn and I had a wonderful time. The Ronda school is small and personal, with a very friendly atmosphere and everyone gets to know each other quickly, students and teachers alike, even if you're not in their class. The town of Ronda is lovely, it's very characteristic and I felt at home quite easily after a few days.

I was assessed in exactly the right level and I've learned so much! Even more so, because I could extended my initial 3-weeks-course with another 6 weeks. Unfortunately, my flight was due a few days before the end of the course, but my grammar teacher gave me the remaining exercises the day before my last day for homework and she corrected them together with me, including some explanation on the grammatical issues. Very dedicated indeed!

The conversation classes were absolutely brilliant too. We had a very open-minded teacher, who kept in touch with the grammatical items we had just learned and he tried to make use of our personal backgrounds in his lessons. And what a perfect experience being in class with people of so many different cultures!

We were with two students from the US, two students from China, a Korean and a Swiss student and later on another Dutch girl and a German girl joined our class as well.

Grammar is taught in a vast pace; obviously this doesn't suit everybody, but for me it wasn't a problem at all, as a matter of fact, I loved it, because I wanted to pick up as much as possible in the weeks that I stayed in Ronda. And I certainly did, because of the marvelous atmosphere and the excellent lessons!
Martine - (Salamanca)

I can only be delighted to have made this linguistic programme. All the personnel were charming! The teachers showed a lot of patience and professionalism.

I warmly recommend your establishment.

I am trying not to forget your beautiful language, so I am now taking Spanish courses back in France so as to improve it….

Ilaria - (Salamanca)
When I booked my holiday in Salamanca I didn’t know the destination at all, but after living there for 3 weeks, I can really say that I’m in love with this city! I was really impressed with the Spanish life style, the culture and the people.

In 3 weeks, I met a lot of people with whom I am still in contact and this is thanks to the courses I attended at the school! I liked my Spanish course so much. There was always great organization, creativity, especially in the conversation classes with the games that the teachers proposed and I can’t say a bad word about the course.

The host family I stayed with were always very polite and nice to me!

I look forward to next year to return to this great city!
Paula - (Salamanca)
The Spanish course in Salamanca was really nice. Young teachers, who spoke only in Spanish and even came along with the students on a tapas tour and socialised with the students. Half of the time we spent on grammar, the other half on communication. The best is to be in the mini-group of more or less 4 people. Then you really can improve your Spanish skills even more!

You get some homework, and the fact is you have to do something to be able to follow the lessons, but it isn´t too difficult. It´s just a normal course! Furthermore, the school offers a lot of good facilities, like computers, culture lessons for free, movies, activities, etc. I definitely recommend it!

Besides that, my room was really nice. And last but not least, Salamanca is really fan-tas-tic, everyone will appreciate this city!
Angelica - (Salamanca (13 to 16 years))
Dear friends, my wife and I wanted to thank your organization, you have been an important reference point for our daughter, you have organized for her a very, very positive experience. Angelica is currently in England but her heart is still in Salamanca.

Angelica told us about the high quality of education and the high quality of hospitality during her time with the family. She still asks me every now and then how Mariela is (her host mother in Salamanca)!

As parents, we are really happy that in the world there are organizations like yours, who knows how to create a safe environment for children where have happy experience which will turn in to healthy growth, a way to learn about other cultures and a base from where to grow and in the future, become a more responsable and serious person.
Vivien - (San Sebastian )
Gracias or rather: “Eskerrik Asko” (“Thank you” in Basque), Estudio Hispanico, for the great service! It couldn´t have been better! San Sebastián is a wonderful city where I felt really comfortable. The language school is very well organized and offers lessons in small groups that are perfectly designed for each language level.

The lessons were always interesting and full of variety so that it never got boring. I have been in a group with different nationalities from Europe and the USA, the learning atmosphere was awesome and friendly. I really recommend doing the intensive course! I enjoyed it very much to attend the course in the morning and it depends on the student if he or she wants to book extra private classes in the afternoon.

Also, the school offers a good entertainment program in the afternoon, no one should miss that! In my opinion, the ideal duration of stay is four weeks.
Sabine - (Santiago de Compostela)
Today, I have arrived back home and now I am finding my way back into everyday life. Nevertheless, I would like to send some words to Spain: My Spanish teacher Amanda was a gem of a teacher! It took me some efforts to learn the language but Amanda was always there. With her lovely personality and good sense of humor she helped me with any problems. I enjoyed my time at school very much and I am looking forward to book with you again!
Michelle - (Tarifa)
First of all I would like to thank you for your professional advice. As soon as I plan to go to Spain again, I would be happy to book a language course with you again.

I really liked your school in Tarifa. The support from your colleagues Arna and Javier there was very good. They always made a big effort to fulfill the need and wishes from the students.

Tarifa is a pretty good place to relax and to do different activities like watersport, hiking, climbing. I felt so comfortable there like I never did before!

All in all, I totally enjoyed my Spanish course in Tarifa. I can recommend this travel to any of those who would principally like to enjoy their vacations and learn Spanish at the same time.

A great thank to the whole team of Estudio Hispanico and the school members in Tarifa!
Kristina - (Tenerife)
I'd like to share with you my opinion about my stay in Tenerife. First of all, I would like to mention the school where I attended the course! The school staff are all so fabulous and friendly! I would like to thank them for their help and support especially when I was in difficult situations such as losing the keys from my apartment.

All the professors have a very professional attitude towards students and the whole process of teaching.

I found lots of friends not only among the staff, the teacher and the students but also among the citizens of the island.

I had an unforgettable experience in Tenerife! I will definitely be back soon to improve my level of Spanish, to meet my friends, to enjoy the sunny weather, the ocean and the breathtaking views from the volcano Teide!

Thank you very much for the excellent organization!
Giuseppina - (Tenerife)
The course in Tenerife was fine, I liked it so much that I extended my stay for one more week! The teachers were very good and the rest of the staff was very friendly and helpful. I hope I will be able to come back soon again!
Mariia - (Valencia)
The school was beautiful with sunny classrooms, lots of material available and very patient teachers, and of course, new friends, new experiences and lots of other positive emotions!

During the time spent in school, I met so many people from very different countries, with which, thanks to modern technology, I am still in touch with. At the end of the course I said goodbye with a firm conviction that it was not my last visit to this delightful Spanish town, I’ll be back here again. And now, after half a year I am going back again!
Carina - (Valencia)
I enjoyed the Spanish course very much! It was the right choice to whip my Spanish knowledge into shape.

The teachers were perfectly organized and had a lot of ideas to pep up the lessons. Besides they had a great personality and they always helped me to solve any problems. Because of the small group size and the great activity program I got to know a lot of nice people and I am sure that we´ll keep in touch after our time in Valencia.

My stay in Valencia at the language school was so great that I will never go to any other Spanish school. I will definitely book a course at this unique place again!
Aditya - (Valencia)
I must tell you that my time in Valencia was really amazing. The teachers were very nice, the students were cool, and the administration was always helpful and friendly. Plus, the cultural activities were a blast! If anyone ever approaches me inquiring about Spanish lessons, I shall definitely send them your way.
Angelo - (Valencia)
I take this opportunity to tell you that the course is well organized. The teachers are very helpful and the school organizes various activities that force you to speak Spanish.

The family where I lived was very nice and helpful too,my host mother treated me as if I was a member of the family and I can confirm that the experience in the family is always the best because it means you always have a ‘teacher’ who helps you.
Lia - (Valencia)
I really enjoyed my week in Valencia. My experiences with Estudio Hispanico are really good. The arrival was perfectly arranged especially to pick up the keys to the shared appartement. The map that I received, had all the information I needed, which was really convient.

The school was really great as well. The level test enabled me to be put in the right group. I was lucky to be part of a small group, with just 5 people. The teachers gave really good lessons, it was variously (good combined lessons) with attention and humor, I learned a lot in that week. I was surprised with the certificate and the personal rapport that I got reached out during the last day of school.

Also, the activities that was arranged by the school I really liked. I participated with the citywalk and a museum. The location of the school, that was in the old center of Valencia was perfect. My apartment was just 10 minutes walking distance. I got to know the city really well.

For me, this means that I definitely want to book another course with Estudio Hispanico!

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