Please read the following conditions of booking or enrolment: 

1. Enrolment
To enrol on a course, students should send a completed enrolment form, together with a deposit of 250 euros, or the full amount (in the case of bank transfers a copy of the bank confirmation should be sent to our offices). Students may also enrol by phone or via our on-line enrolment form. 

The deposit amount will then be deducted from the total tuition and accommodation fees. 

The balance of the tuition and accommodation fees should be received no later than 4weeks prior to commencement of the course. 

If a student wishes to enrol on a course less than 4 weeks prior to commencement, they should send full payment of their tuition and accommodation fees at the time of enrolment. 

2. Payment 
All payments are processed by our payment provider Adyen. Students may pay by credit card, bank transfer, or other international online payment methods. Bank transfers are free of charge. Please note that credit card payments might be subject to a handling fee. 

We will send you the payment instructions by e-mail after we have received your booking. 
If you need to make a remaining payment, log on to your personal page. 

3. Cancellation. 
Cancellations must be sent in writing to Estudio Hispánico. 

All cancellations incur a loss of deposit. In addition, the following charges apply and are payable to Estudio Hispánico by the student: 

*) If cancellations are received more than 28 days before a student is due to start their course, they will lose only their deposit of 250 euros, however any other fees already paid will be refunded. 
*) If cancellations are received 27-21 days before the student is due to start their course, the student will lose 50 per cent of their course fees. Their accommodation fees will be refunded. 
*) If cancellations are received 20-8 days before a course is due to start, the student will lose 100 per cent of their tuition fees, plus the first two weeks of their accommodation fees. 
*) If cancellations are received 7-0 days before a course is due to start, the student will lose 100 per cent of their tuition and accommodation fees. 

Students who do not start a course, or who start but do not finish their course will not be reimbursed. 

Deposits and fees are not transferable from person to person. 

4. Course changes 
If a change in start date, course/accommodation type is required, the student must notify the reservation office at least 28 days before the start of their course. Such changes are subject to a 50 euros handling fee. All changes are subject to availability. 

Should there be less than 5 students of the same level to form a group, our schools reserve the right to offer a reduced number of lessons. 

5. Public Holidays 
No lessons will take place on public holidays. No refund of fees will be made for these days. Private lessons are always recovered.  Please note that local and national holidays are subject to change and new ones may be added. 

By submitting or sending the registration form, or any other written form of registration, the student accepts the above conditions of enrolment. 

6. Student Visas 
Estudio Hispánico will supply documentation for students to obtain a visa, however are not responsible for the Consulate's decision to issue the visa. 
It is the responsibility of the student to allow enough time to obtain the visa, and should confirm with the Consulate regarding how long this is likely to take. 

If a student is unable to attend a course due to being refused a visa, Estudio Hispánico will normally refund any fees paid, less the deposit. 
In this case, students must provide proof that they have been denied the visa due to reasons beyond their control (ensuring enough time is given for the application process and completing the application correctly are the responsibility of the student) and providing that Estudio Hispánico are notified in writing no later than 2 weeks before the course is due to start. otherwise, normal cancellation fees will apply. 

Should the visa be denied due to reasons within the student's control (such as the student not possessing a valid passport, or other necessary documentation or not allowing sufficient time for the visa to be issued), the standard cancellation fees will apply. 

7. Student Behaviour
Estudio Hispánico expects students to be considerate and act respectfully towards other students and teachers/staff. Alcohol abuse and the consumption of illegal substances will not be tolerated by our schools. Estudio Hispánico reserves the right to refuse tuition and accommodation to students who behave inappropriately or who violate the school rules. Any students who act improperly or cause offence to others will be asked to return home at their own cost and without refund. 

8. Complaints and disputes
In case of a complaint or dispute by the student regarding any of the services offered, Estudio Hispánico should be contacted immediately, or at least within 24 hours. Estudio Hispánico takes full responsibility trying to resolve any complaint or dispute. In case the student is at the destination, the student should contact the local school secretary. If the school doesn't resolve the complaints, the student is obliged to contact Estudio Hispánico via telephone or email. If Estudio Hispánico isn't contacted within reasonable time by the student, Estudio Hispánico cannot be held responsible after the course, when the student has returned. 

Estudio Hispanico is a trading name of Lingua BV | company number: 57695180