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Our Spanish courses in Spain and Latin America

Our students come to Spain and Latin America from all over the world to learn Spanish, from a wide range of nationalities, with different needs and interests. For this reason, at each of our schools we offer a wide range of Spanish courses and levels. We will have a course suitable for you.


  • Intensive 20

    4 group lessons per day

  • Intensive 30

    6 group lessons per day

The intensive Spanish courses are taught in small groups, with students who have the same language proficiency as you. You will work on all aspects of the language: conversation, grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, and writing. 

Courses have a communicative character and are designed to improve accuracy and fluency. They increase your confidence and prepare you for speaking Spanish in real world situations. Classes generally take place during the morning. Depending on the season and destination, classes can also be in the afternoon.


  • Intensive 20 + 5

    4 group lessons + 1 private lesson per day

  • Intensive 20 + 10

    4 group lessons + 2 private lessons per day

  • Intensive 30 + 5

    6 group lessons + 1 private lesson per day

Small-group lessons provide opportunity to converse with other students and learn in a fun, stimulating environment. You can decide the subject for the individual classes. For example, you may choose to emphasise Spanish use in a business or medical environment. 

Or you can choose to focus on grammar, fluency, or any area in which you are weaker.

As the individual classes are adjusted to your wishes and capacity, following this course will make you learn Spanish faster. Most classes generally take place in the morning. Depending on the season and destination, classes can also be in the afternoon.


  • Semi-Intensive 10

    2 group lessons per day

  • Conversation 10

    2 conversation lessons per day

  • Semi-intensive 8

    Flexible timetable

  • Extensive 4

    4 group lessons per week

Not everybody has the time to commit to an intensive Spanish course. Our semi-intensive courses are created for people living in Spain; for example, those working, doing an internship, Erasmus students and au-pairs. Learning in a small group provides a stimulating learning environment and lots of opportunity to converse. 

These courses have between 4 and 10 classes per week. Having fewer classes does not mean the classes are not intense. On the contrary, a dedication to self study outside of the actual lessons is required for your progression.


  • Individual 10 or 20

    2 or 4 individual lessons per day

  • Customised

    Customised individual course

Individual Spanish courses provide a very personal learning experiences and are completely designed around your needs. For example, if you are looking for a Spanish executive course, already have a high proficiency and are struggling with some specific grammar issues, or if you want Spanish classes on a subject of your choice. 

Before the course starts your Spanish level will be determined and you will discuss the content of the classes and your course timetable. Course changes can be made easily during the program, in accordance with your private teacher.


  • Intensive 10/20

    2 or 4 group lessons per day

  • Individual 10

    2 individual lessons per day

  • Extensive 4

    4 group lessons per week

Our online Spanish courses are held in user-friendly virtual platform Zoom. This can be compared with having Spanish courses by Skype or Google Hangout.

You can connect from your computer or mobile device. The classes are conversation based while taking into account all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Courses are available for students of all levels, ages and nationalities. 

Courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced native Spanish teachers, who bring their motivation and enthusiasm in to the virtual classroom. All are professionals educated on a University level. 

Exam preparation

  • DELE

    Preparation for the DELE exam


    Preparation for the SIELE exam

  • Madrid CoC

    Preparation for the CoC exam

Taking an official exam is stressful when you don’t know what to expect, or are unaware of your weak points. Our exam preparation courses help you with this, giving you the confidence and knowhow to succeed. 

Exam preparation courses are designed around the mostly internationally known and recognised Spanish proficiency language exams. These are the DELE, the best known Spanish language proficiency exam; the SIELE, a widely recognized, modular proficiency exam; or one of the exams of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Our experienced teachers will prepare you to the fullest.

Specific courses


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