Some like it hot

On June 23rd, will you be one of those, emptying the stores, pockets full of gun powder, making your way out of the shop with the naughty look of a guilty kid, but comforting your

conscience  “oh well, today doesn´t really count, I can get a bit crazy”?

We will.

Welcome to Spain, most likely one of the fewest countries to allow (should I say encourage?) random fireworks in the streets. It is June 23rd, everybody is going mental. Like every single year, Sant Joan fiestas are back. As vibrant as ever.

Sant Joan is one of Cataluña´s noisiest parties and possibly the craziest. It’s a night of Fire, Fireworks, Cava and the traditional cake “coca de Sant Joan” . But not of sleep, sorry. Sant Joan festival in Spain marks the start of the summer, the day with the longest period of

daylight in the year.

The best place to experience this unique party is undoubtedly the beach. Along with thousands of people,  you will witness really spectacular fireworks and bonfires. Until sunrise obviously, Barcelona style! If you are not too fond of big crowds but still want to be part of the thrill, just head outside after nightfall, we promise you won’t have to look too far for the action.

So, on June 23rd, you have two options: hiding away in the mountain or living Sant Joan fully. If you go for the second option, you may find it baffling to walk peacefully, setting foot

on a ground burnished with firecrackers, caught into some sickly odour. You might have difficulties to keep your dignity, screaming out at every explosion. That is also the magic of this non day. Everything is allowed. Ready to play with fire? GO!!!!!!!!