One of earth´s true paradises

“Pura vida”: but why on earth do they say it so often?

Well! It does not take you long after landing in Costa Rica to understand why these two words are abundantly used by the locals during ANY sort of interaction: (“How are you?” > Pura vida! Gracias! Pura vida! Have a nice day! Pura vida!).

Pure life, YES, Costa Rica offers you that kind of cliché life you are secretly dreaming about behind your desk: all-you-can-think-of wildlife, insanely white sandy beaches (which will make your pale legs look not so pale) and above all genuinely nice people. Ladies and gentlemen T.H.I.S – I.S – N.O.T- A- M.Y.T.H.  Costa Rica is heaven on earth.

I had the chance to live there for a year and fully explore this one-of-a-kind country. I won´t talk extensively about the capital San José as its beauty is very (very!) hidden. However; there aren´t enough words to describe the raw beauty of the coasts and inland. If you are a surf lover, you will never forget the little pueblo of Santa Teresa in the Nicoya peninsula – one of a few last paradises on earth. Only one little coastal “pista” leads to this bohemian village so make sure you have enough gas, food and a good playlist with you after hitting the road. The journey will certainly be an adventure (especially if you have eaten before as there are more holes than road itself along the way). But when you get there, hold your breath, you will feel like Cristopher Colombus discovering America.

Purety and life. There I understood the meaning of Pura Vida.

Costa Rica is wild, beautiful and if I were you, I wouldn´t wait too long to awake the little Indiana Jones sleeping inside you.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a little sample for you of my memories. But keep your credit card away as you might want to book a flight within a few minutes.