Hello March! Bring me summer!

6pm, still light outside, daydreaming on your way home, the sun has never felt so good. Shop windows have been taken over by colourful swimwear – You wish it was already that time of year. But no. Hello March! please bring me summer! You start thinking about the first dip of 2017. For every year you have your own secret challenge: “will I manage to make it earlier than last year?”


Have you heard about Ibiza? No not that one. We mean the other Ibiza.


Forget jet-setters, world-renowned Djs and packed beaches, Ibiza is also an island of preserved nature. A red land where olive trees, carob trees and pine trees grow abundantly. A little paradise to be explored between “insiders” through hidden paths. Here, a fisherman’s cabaña transformed into a colourful « chiringuito » where you can enjoy the catch of the day; there, a deserted beach and a virgin creek.

While wandering across the northern tip of Ibiza, you understand why the hippies never leave the island apart from on their winter escape to Goa from where they bring back clothes and bohemian goodies you can find in every market.


Who would believe that was a forgotten island until the 1950´s, until it became a sanctuary for free-spirits and artists of all kinds? Among them, Bob Dylan or Joni Mitchell contributed to give Ibiza its notoriety before it was invaded by the jet-set in the 1970´s.

On top of being the world capital for party, Ibiza is also on the Unesco World Heritage List since 1999 for its biodiversity and archeological patrimony.

Meanwhile, you are still standing in front of your dream swimwear. If you are still undecided  about taking your “first swim of the year” in March, you may want to check our super nice Spanish course deals in Ibiza. The perfect way to soak up the sun while learning!