Here come the Kings…… ¡Feliz día de Reyes!

January 5th and 6th officially mark the end of the festive period in Spain, with the arrival of the three kings!!

All around Spain on the evening of the 5th, Gazpar, Melchor and Baltazar arrive to bring gifts – this is more the tradition that Santa Claus, although some families now celebrate both.

Here in Barcelona the three kings arrive by boat to the Port and are greeted by hundreds of people waiting to catch a glimpse.

Then the fun begins – a huge parade throughout the city.

The Kings travel on large floats or horses with their helpers, all dressed in bright and colourful costumes. The Parade is a favourite for families as they throw candies to the crowds – expect to see some battles between parents grabbing sweets for their kids!!!

There is music and dancing and it is a great sight to see, even the smallest towns in Spain will celebrate the arrival of the kings in their own way.

Then tomorrow, January 6th, is the day of excitement when the presents are opened. Some families will eat the traditional ‘Three King’s Cake’ – which is a sweet circular bread covered with candied fruit and sugar. The cake has a hidden treat inside, a small charm, if you get the piece with the charm then you can be King for the day!!!!

The rest of the day is spent with family, enjoying good food, drink and company – and of course enjoying all the new presents!!