From 7 to 15 years old

Why wait until you are 16 to learn Spanish? Our summer courses for Young Students are available from 7 years onwards!

Learning Spanish and having fun at the same time has never been easier! We organise everything so that young students can really make the most of their time in Spain, in a safe and carefully monitored environment.

Our Spanish Courses for Young Students include:

  • Spanish lessons
  • Activities and sports
  • Excursions
  • Accommodation and meals in school residences or host families
  • Supervision

We can also arrange airport transfers.

The Spanish lessons:

Our Spanish courses run at a variety of levels. Students are taught with others of a similar age, in groups which are suitable for their language level.

All Spanish lessons are taught by fully qualified native Spanish-speaking tutors.

We offer a variety of Spanish courses for young students, across Spain, throughout the summer, so we are sure that we can find the right programme to meet your needs!

The activities programme:

Our Spanish courses for young students always include a range of activities, to help students fully enjoy their stay, make friends and practise their language skills . These activities differ, depending on the location. Details of these are given below.


    San Sebastian (7 to 15 years) • from € 250

    The camp is located in a quiet and safe area in the Spanish province of Guipuzcoa, just 8 kilometres from San Sebastian.

    Accommodation: On-site Residence


    • 15 Spanish lessons per week
    • On-site Dorm accommodation (6 beds per room)
    • Full board (3 meals per day)
    • Afternoon and evening activities (typically sports, games, dance classes, juggling courses, traffic safety workshops, theatre)
    • Excursion at weekend. (typically: Isla Santa Clara, Monte Igualdo, Aquarium, Museo de la Ciencia)

    Airport transfers: Not included, but available on request from Bilbao or San Sebastian airport.

    Start dates: June-August


    Seville (14 to 17 years) • from € 250

    The camp takes place in Seville city centre; the Spanish school is actually located in a 19th century building. Seville is the perfect location where to learn Spanish, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the south of Spain.

    Accommodation: Host Family


    • 20 Spanish lessons per week
    • Host Family, single or twin room accommodation
    • Full board (3 meals per day)
    • Afternoon and evening activities (typically: flamenco dancing, cookery, football, basketball, volleyball, chess, design, theatre)
    • Excursion at weekend. (typically: Cadiz, Cordoba, Vejer)

    Airport transfers: 2 ways (from/to Seville main airport) included in the price.

    Start dates: July, August


    Tarifa (14 to 17 years) • from € 250

    The international campus is located in the centre of Tarifa - a beautiful, small and friendly beach town in Andalusia, providing the perfect location for our young students.

    Accommodation: On-site Residence


    • 15 Spanish lessons per week; On-site Dorm accommodation (3 beds per room)
    • Full board (3 meals per day)
    • Daily activity (typically: beach games, sports, rock climbing, movie nights, barbecues) Or 8 hours of Kite surfing classes a week
    • Full day Excursion. (typically: Gibraltar, Cádiz, Tangiers)

    Airport transfers: Return Airport transfer from/to Malaga Airport

    Start dates: July and August