Spanish course in Córdoba

Learn Spanish in Córdoba, the heart of colonial Argentina. Graced by centuries-old churches; countless monuments to famous figures; and elaborate palaces, Argentina’s second city is full of history. Take a Spanish course in Córdoba and you’ll also discover a city of great culture. 

Superb museums delight tourists, local artists showcase their works in markets and the music scene is vibrant and varied.

Nueva Córdoba is the modern part of the city, populated by skyscrapers, shopping malls and thousands of university students. Just outside the city, you’ll find picturesque hill towns and countryside ranging from tranquil lakes to rushing rivers. Try adventure sports like paragliding and whitewater rafting, or simply admire the incredible views.

школа в Córdoba

Our school in Córdoba, Coined, is easily accessible in the centre of the city and within walking distance of the Cathedral, Plaza San Martín and Paseo de Sobremonte. 

It has a student room, multimedia room, spacious classrooms, WIFI connection and drinks/snacks area.

Курсы в Córdoba

Our school offers regular, group-based language courses, such as the Standard and Super-intensive programs, as well as special interest courses. The Spanish & Culture, Business Spanish and Medical Spanish courses all comprise 25 general Spanish lessons per week, supplemented by eight individual classes per week that focus on their respective specialist subjects.

You can also learn Spanish in Córdoba on a program consisting entirely of Private Lessons. You can tailor Private Spanish Lessons to meet your own interests and requirements, enabling you to learn at a faster pace.

Проживание в Córdoba

Become completely immersed in the local culture by living with a host family, or enjoy the independence of student accommodation. Our school only works with the friendliest, most capable host families, guaranteeing you a pleasant stay in Argentina. B

est of all, you’ll be able to practice your Spanish all the time. Host family accommodation is available on a bed & breakfast basis, or with two meals per day.

If you want to meet lots of new people whilst you learn Spanish in Córdoba, stay in one of our school’s student residences. You’ll meet local and international students, making plenty of friends along the way.

  • Проживание в испанских семьях

    Тщательно отобранные нами семьи – безусловно, лучший вариант в смысле изучения языка: вы будете учить испанский и в школе, и дома.

  • Студенческие общежития

    Общежития расположены в центре каждого города. Студенты делят жилье с другими иностранцами или испанскими студентами. 

Прибытие в Córdoba

Our school can arrange transfers from Pajas Blancas Airport for an extra fee.

Культурная программа в Córdoba

Cultural activities in Córdoba*

  • Guided tours of Córdoba
  • Dance lessons
  • School parties
  • Spanish language films
  • Cookery classes
  • Trips to Valle de la Luna, Mendoza, Iguazu Falls, Patagonia and Puerto Madryn

(Precise cultural program may vary)

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