Reseñas Estudio Hispanico

Puede que hayas estado leyendo sobre nosotros y por qué pensamos que nuestras escuelas, cursos, alojamiento y la vida en Linguaschools es algo que deberías experimentar.

No creas sólo en nuestra palabra.

  • Wolfgang,

    I enjoyed everything about my 4 weeks in Salamanca. The Level classification was correct and my teachers Marie José and Maria were very welcoming and the teaching was very competent. During the lessons everyone was speaking only Spanish, which I liked very much. In the school I only experienced friendly staff. The family in which I had been placed was extremely pleasant and was located close to the Spanish school as well as the city center. Salamanca itself is definitely a wonderful place. I am pleased to remember my time in Salamanca and I am very happy about the progress I made. Right after my course I travelled all over Spain and I realized how much I improved my Spanish.

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