Incredible discounts @ Estudio Hispanico

Up to 50% discount on our Spanish courses


Up to 50% discount on our Spanish courses

You’re planning to learn Spanish in Spain? You might not be able to travel to Spain yet due to travel restrictions, so why not start now and already prepare yourself with a free, or heavily discounted online Spanish group course?

Short term courses (<10 weeks)

10% discount per week intensive 20 (so 5 weeks = 50% discount)

For every week Intensive 20 Spanish course* you reserve at ANY destination in Spain you get 10% off the online group courses: Extensive 4 online, Intensive 10 online or Intensive 20 online (up to 50%).

E.g. You reserve 5 weeks intensive 20 Spanish course in Granada starting in August and 4 weeks intensive 20 online lessons starting next Monday. You pay €625 for the 5 week course in Granada and get 5×10% = 50% discount on the intensive 20 online course (so pay only €250 instead of €500)

*can also be the Intensive 25, Intensive 30, combination course 20+5 or 20+10

Long term courses (>10 weeks)

per 10 weeks Intensive 20 get 1 week Intensive 20 online for free 

For every week Intensive 20 Spanish course * you reserve at ANY destination in Spain you get 1 week Intensive 20 online** group course for free.

E.g. You reserve 40 weeks intensive 20 Spanish course in Barcelona starting in September and get 4 weeks intensive 20 online (normally €500) for free.

*can also be the intensive 25, intensive 30, combination course 20+5 or 20+10
**can also be interchanged for the Extensive 4 online or the Intensive 10 online group courses. Contact us for more information.

IMPORTANT: in order to apply for this promotion, you need to:
1. book a Spanish course at any of our destinations
2. leave a note on the second page of the enrolment form to inform us which online course you would like to reserve and when you’d want to start the online course.
3. finish the enrolment and we will send you a confirmation and instructions how to proceed.

Great international class in Salamanca

Promotion conditions

  • While there still are travel restrictions to come to Spain from your home country, we can postpone the not-online courses at no extra costs. For the online lessons, the normal cancellation policy apply.
  • This promotion is only valid for enrollments made between 12 and 29 May 2020. Previous course credits do not apply. This promotion is not valid in combination with other discounts.
  • Courses can only start when the full amount has been paid. Paid amounts are not refundable. The start date of the online course is considered to be the course start date for the whole reservation. The regular course can have a start date in 2020 or 2021.
  • In case of a denial of your study visa, the general conditions apply. The discounted online course will be calculated at the normal rate.
  • Our online courses have limited duration and start dates. Please check the booking page for the actual availability of start dates and course duration. Only courses available at the moment of booking can be booked with the promotion.